What a week
GI, Jackson, William

What a week

Since I wrote last Will has gone from eating ~30 oz a day to eating 15-20 oz per day. Needless to say it has been a long week. Wednesday was the worst. He would drink 2 oz of his 6 oz bottle then stop and cry, not taking any more. After every feeding I was in tears and spent lots of time on the phone with Jim and the pediatrician, because I was 800 miles from home finishing up a visit with my parents. There were several points during the day that I just wanted to go jump on a plane and take the boys home, hoping that would fix it. It was actually really good that I was there, because my mom and sister just took over watching Jack and would take Will from me once I stopped feeding him so I could cry and make phone calls.

All I could think was why is he going from eating 6 oz a feeding to eating 2 oz in 2 days? It wasn’t making sense to me that it was just reflux. I am pretty sure that reflux was partially involved, but usually it is a much slower for them to work down that much volume. Finally I decided to take his temperature, just to see. Well he had a low grade fever and had been having looser poops. So now we think he is sick, but what can we do, it is Wednesday evening and we don’t fly home until Friday afternoon. After being reassured by our fabulous pediatrician that he wasn’t in any immediate danger of becoming dehydrated with a couple of low volume days we made an appointment for late Friday just to check.

Thursday and Friday were better eating days that Wednesday, but not at all normal days. His mild fever was down, but he was still crying and fussing through the feedings. We were able to make a desperate enough case that GI at Children’s Hospital has agreed to see us next week and it is a doctor that we know. He performed Jack’s G-tube placement surgery. Hopefully he will have some insight next week.

We made it home Friday, without to many issues on the airplane (just a red Tylenol spit-up and some normal Will fussing), to get to the pediatrician (not our normal one, but one in her office). She checked him out and didn’t see anything really obvious, but said that there was a bug going around and he could have a sore throat that she just couldn’t see. At least we are home and will get to see our pediatrician on Monday and GI on Wednesday. Hopefully we can start to get this figured out.

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