A tooth?
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A tooth?

So last night at dinner with friends I found that William has a tooth. That is 3 months earlier than Jack and 2 months earlier than his cousin. I had checked him a few days earlier and didn’t see anything, not that he makes it easy. There it is today. Is a 2nd one going to pop through too?

How much of what has been going on is due to his tooth? It explains his mild fever, looser poops and crankiness. Not wanting to feed is part of teething, we have now read. See, we never experienced feeding and teething together. Jack was tube-fed when he was teething. Plus it is really early for a tooth. Our pediatrician thinks that what is going on has to due with 3 things.

  • the tooth
  • reflux
  • developmental changes that take place around now

Our challenge is going to be figuring out what to do and how best to manage this. We are hopelessly jaded by our experience with Jack, so even if this is “normal baby stuff.” The first thing we will always think will be could this be the beginning of another feeding aversion and on the road to another tube. We try really hard to remember that Will is a different child and no matter how similar the situation may seem it could be something different. Here is hoping this is all just about a tooth.

I do have to say I am a bit sad that he has a tooth already, because I love the gummy grin.

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