Doctors, procedures and appointments, Oh My!
GI, William

Doctors, procedures and appointments, Oh My!

It has been a busy day so far. This morning we had our appointment with GI at Children’s Hospital and I would say it was productive. While he didn’t provide answers to all of our questions he did agree that scheduling some procedures to rule things out was a good idea. So here is William’s schedule for the next few weeks.

8/14 – Appointment with a 2nd GI doctor for a 2nd opinion (with the consent of our GI doc).

8/17 – Endoscopy at Children’s Hospital – yes he has to be put to sleep for this one, but we don’t have to stay overnight. They will stick a camera down his throat and see what they can in his esophagus, stomach and upper small intestines. They will take biopsies of tissue in all locations to make sure there isn’t anything going on.

8/18 – am – Upper GI study – William will have to drink the Barium bottle and then they watch the flow of the liquid down his esophagus and into his stomach and small intestines.
pm – 1st appointment with the Occupational Therapy (OTPT) feeding specialist at Children’s Hospital.

8/20 – Appointment with an eye doctor to make sure his eye movements are normal.

9/3 – Follow-up appointment with 1st GI doctor.

9/8 – Swallow study – to make sure Will is not aspirating his food as he eats.

Oh yah and Jack has a dentist appointment on Friday too.

All of this stuff may end up being overkill, but we just want to be thorough in ruling things out or finding something. With Jack we felt like we fiddled around and waited to long to do some of these things and it may have made a difference in his outcome. If Will ends up with a feeding tube after everything we just want to make sure that we tried all we could and in a timely fashion to try to head it off.

To give you an idea when we did stuff with Jack he had an Upper GI at 2.5 weeks old (that is how we discovered his reflux, because both boys are pretty much silent refluxers – meaning they don’t spit up a ton), a Swallow Study at 4 months old (3 months into feeding issues) and an Endoscopy at 6 months (he already had a feeding tube by this point).

All of these results may prove to be normal, but at least we will have ruled out that there is anything going on in his stomach and throat. Jack will get lots of use out of the new portable DVD player we got. I wonder what the favorite movie will be.

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