Overfeeding Theory
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Overfeeding Theory

Well we met with the 2nd GI specialist on Friday. While we like him better, for his compassion to our situation and his overall demeanor, he didn’t provide any more insight into what could be going on. Both GI docs believe that we could be overfeeding William and urged us very strongly to do on demand feedings. We have been doing on demand feedings since his volume has dropped down. I just don’t buy that everything going on with him is because he is just getting full; which is what they are suggesting.

He has dropped his volume in half and he cries or winces in pain when he is burping or right afterward. He also tries to take a couple of sucks and then cries out. My mommy instinct is telling me this isn’t just “overfeeding.” I think there is something going on in his throat. Either there is still some stomach acid left after all the medicines he is on or he is just bothered by the act of refluxing. The last one is a theory that the new GI doc suggested as a possibility yesterday. I had never thought of that one, but it could make sense.

We have decided to add a pH probe to his battery of tests next week, which means we will be spending Monday night at Children’s Hospital. I am not excited about that prospect, but it is what we need to do. During his endoscopy they will place a pH probe in this esophagus to measure the pH changes as he refluxes throughout a 24 hour period. Normally this is done when children are off of their reflux meds, but we are doing it with him on his. We already know he refluxes, we want to know if there is any acid left to bother him when he does.

All of the doctors we have spoken with so far are insistent that there is no way there is any acid left in his stomach, but that assumes that we all have the same amount of stomach acid. If there is acid left we can assume that it is still bothering him and that he is just really sensitive to it, just like Jack. We will just see what the tests show.

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