Two busy days
GI, William

Two busy days

Yesterday morning we left our house for Seattle Children’s Hospital and returned home this afternoon after an endoscopy, pH probe, upper GI and appointment with a feeding specialist. It was a busy two days and we are all very tired. Needless to say you don’t get much sleep when you are in a hospital, but add on to that sharing a room with a family who has an infant and there is even less. Yes, they double up infants. It doesn’t make sense to me either, but that is how it works. Will was able to sleep through the night with everything going on: another baby in the room, nurses in and out checking his vitals every four hours and our roommate’s TV on all night. He is a little super star.

He started off with an endoscopy yesterday morning at 8:45. For this procedure they put him to sleep and then stick a camera down his throat to look at his esophagus, stomach and upper small intestines. They also take tissue samples in all the areas to make sure there isn’t anything going on that they can’t assess visually. The doctor came out with photos (Jim joked that we should frame Jack’s and Will’s next to each other and play pick out your stomach) and said that everything looked normal. He didn’t see any signs of irritation or concern. The tissue sample results will be back in 1-2 weeks.

While they were finishing up the endoscopy they place the pH probe for the 24 hour observation period. It is a probe on the end of a thin tube that sits in his esophagus and measures the pH. If there is any acid left in Will’s tummy when he refluxes or spits up it will register a lower pH. I kept notes on when I he eats, sleeps, spits up, or has any signs of distress. We had to stay at the hospital overnight while it was in, just in case he pulls it out then they can put it right back in.

This morning we did the upper GI, which looks at the anatomy of his esophagus, stomach and upper small intestine. They feed him a bottle barium solution (flavored with cherry syrup) and watch on a fluoroscope as it flows down to his stomach. Pictures are taken every so often, as he is moved into different positions (left side, stomach, right side). He didn’t really like this one very much. All of his anatomy looked normal, so that is good.

The last thing we did today was meet with our feeding specialist. We chatted for a bit and she watched Will feed. She suggested we start using Simply Thick to thicken his formula instead of rice cereal, because the cereal has been clogging the nipples. So far it seems to be working better. She also advised to let him tell us when he is finished feeding and for right now not to start solids. We will check in with her next week to see if we should come back over again.

Overall Will handled all that we have put him through like a champ. Even with all of this stuff he ate a bit better the last few days. The thickening formula seems to be helping, so fingers crossed it will keep getting better.

You may be wondering what Jack was doing during all this. Well we lucked out and had two wonderful people to stay with him, thanks guys. Yesterday my aunt Amy watched him in the morning. Jack got to go wake Riley up and show Amy what a good swimmer he is. Jim came home about lunch time and then they both came over to have dinner with Will and I at the hospital last night. Today Jack’s godfather Alan came over to play. They watched movie and played Hit and Run, one of Jack’s favorite backyard games.

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