A mother’s intuition
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A mother’s intuition

How is it that mothers just know that something is going to happen, good or bad. Is it something that happens with all the hormones from pregnancy? I have always found it interesting that moms can see a situation and think (or say out loud) that something might happen. Then sure enough a few seconds or minutes later it does.

I had that experience today. We were at Beaver Lake Park for a picnic and walk with some of our mom’s group friends (Will’s group, so Jack was the only big kid) and I had decided to bring Mulligan with us for Jack to play with. As I got settled at the picnic table and spread out our lunch, Jack and Mulligan were roaming around checking things out. For those that haven’t been there it is a beautiful Northwest park with woods, trails and a lake. I was chatting with one of the other moms and looked toward Jack and Mulligan who had walked down near the lake. I thought I should go tell Jack to not let Mulligan in the water.

Not 30 seconds later there was a scream and crying. I knew immediately that Mulligan had pulled Jack into the water probably trying to get some sort of critter. As I ran down to the water all I could think was, of course I don’t have a change of clothes for him. I found him standing in water up to his mid-calf crying as Mulligan happily was swimming around trying to get the ducks. He was so upset that he had gotten wet, especially his shoes. He didn’t want to so home, but he wanted me to run home and get him some clean clothes and shoes. We ended up staying to have lunch, which he ate wrapped in a blanket, with just his underwear on.

So we all learned some valuable lessons today…

Me – never leave the house without a change of clothes for everyone in the car.

Jack – let go of the leash, instead of letting Mulligan pull you into the water.

Mulligan – mom gets really mad when you pull your brother into the lake.

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