Buzz and Woody’s Halloween
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Buzz and Woody’s Halloween

Buzz and Woody This year for Halloween Jack requested a Buzz Lightyear (from Toy Story) costume. So that determined our theme. Since Will doesn’t have an opinion yet he got to be Woody and we attempted to make Mulligan the Slinky Dog. Mulligan always dresses up too; she is a very good sport.

Once the costumes have been decided I get to work making them. This year wasn’t to hard. My sister helped me figure out how to make Buzz’s wings, the hardest part of the costume. Jack was very happy with the final product. Yes I did make the purple headsock too.

Jack buzz For Woody, I only had to make his cow print vest, bandana bib and belt buckle. I tried to find a plain yellow onesie to paint the stripes on, but couldn’t so this was the closest I could get. The only things he didn’t have were cowboy boots and a hat, but he wouldn’t have kept them on anyway.

Mulligan’s costume proved to be the most difficult and ultimately unsuccessful (which is why there are no photos of her.) We attempted to wrap her with speaker cord and I made her long ears. Neither would stay in place, so we gave up. Next year her costume will be better.

Jack buzzI think next year we (Jim and I) will need to dress up too. I wanted to make us some costumes this year, but ran out of time. We didn’t have a party to attend, so it didn’t matter anyway.

We hit the neighborhood for Trick or Treating with our neighbors who have a son Jack’s age. All the neighbors look forward to seeing the boys and our street has just enough houses. The adults take their treats (adult beverages) and the kids get theirs as we go.

Happy Halloween! Hope you had a haunting good time.

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