Having a hard day
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Having a hard day

Will is having a hard day. He is cranky, not eating very much and generally unhappy. He fusses and cries if you are holding him or if he is on his own. It makes it really easy for me.

We all have hard days, but those days for a baby are even more difficult because they can’t tell you what is wrong. I know his system is off. He has had loose poops for the last few days. He seems to have a bit more phlegm than normal. Then there are his two front teeth that just will not finish coming through completely. They have been working on it for almost a month now. Finish already!

Or is all of this him going through a development growth spurt. I know babies go through these and they will be really cranky for ~5 days. Then they just go back to normal humor, but they may be doing something new.

He hasn’t been wanting to eat much off the spoon for the last week. He is very interested in picking the things up from his tray. I am not sure if this is because he isn’t feeling great, his teeth bothering him or if he has decided that pureed food just isn’t good enough anymore.

I wish I could figure out how to help him other than just giving him Motrin and trying to find the one thing that will keep him happy for that moment. It sure would be nice if babies could talk. Wouldn’t that make our lives simpler.

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  1. Just be glad it’ll all be over soon 🙂

    nothing like the terrible two’s or the teenage years

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