Fingers are for feeding
GI, William

Fingers are for feeding

This week we had our appointment with Robin Glass, Will’s feeding specialist. We haven’t seen her since early October, so I was interested to get her perspective on how Will was doing with his solids. He is very interested in food, just not really into using the spoon. He will pick up anything that I put on his tray and taste it. Some stays in and some comes out, but he is very enthusiastic about it. With the spoon, he will open his mouth a few times, but not really close around it to remove the food. He does much better when I put food on my finger and put it in his mouth.

Robin confirmed that it is not uncommon (double negative, sorry) for some babies to decide that finger foods are more to their liking and loose the spoon early. Will does much better with foods that are thicker, (not the thin baby food purees) keeping the food in his mouth and moving it around to chew it. We actually tried turning the spoon over and putting it in his mouth and using the handle, which he did much better. I guess he just has to do it his way.

Overall, she was very happy with his progress. We still need to work on his chewing technique and his pincher pick-up, but those will come. He is so enthusiastic and willing to try most anything, his skills just don’t match his will yet. I am going to give him fork-mashed or lightly ground foods, instead of purees and soft finger foods to pick up. Everything will be easy for him to “chew” and get to the size he can swallow.

It is fun to watch him eat. He is a full contact eater, enjoying food every possible way, in his mouth, up his nose, in his hair and ears. He will even work to recycle some off his bib if he runs out of stuff on his tray. I am going to try to find some things for Thanksgiving that he can have, maybe some mashed potatoes without dairy and some pumpkin (without the pie).

At the end Robin said that we don’t need to come back to see her unless we have a question. Great! She is such a wonderful person, it will be sad not to see her, but exciting to get good news from doctors over there.

P.S. I have a freezer full of organic baby food purees, if anyone wants them, please let me know.

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