Being Thankful
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Being Thankful

This is the post I didn’t get up last week for Thanksgiving, but I believe that you should remember to be thankful all year.

I have lots to be thankful for this year, the biggest one being Will. There isn’t a day go by that I am not thankful for his chubby smiling face. He has made our family a complete unit and I could not love him more.

Jack has the most amazing imagination. I am thankful for his ability to entertain himself. It has come in handy this year with having a baby in the house. He goes into the playroom and creates a whole new world.

I am extremely thankful for my supportive husband. He has been such a good sounding board when I come up with my creative ideas. He is able to keep me grounded and focused, directing my energy in the best directions.

Mulligan provides us a much needed vacuum cleaning of the kitchen floor. She has discovered that Will is useful in provide snacks on the floor. I am thankful that she comes  through and cleans up after every meal. (I don’t have to sweep as much. 🙂 )

I am thankful for the new friends I have made this year and the old friends that continue to be my backbone of support. I would have lost it more times than I did without you. Wine and brownies go along way to help out stress. 

Family is the ultimate source of strength for me. I speak to my mom and sister all the time. I wish we could be closer together to see each other more often. I am thankful that this fall and winter I have been able to see them every couple weeks. We have visits to look forward to right after the next, so we don’t have to be sad to say see you later.

I hope you were able to celebrate the things you are thankful for this year. Hopefully you can take moments periodically to think about something you are thankful for throughout the year.

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