Catching up
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Catching up

It has been a few weeks since I have posted, sorry to keep you waiting. The holidays and travel have gotten in the way. We are home now and trying to get back into the routine.

Lets see where to start. The weekend before Christmas we loaded up the car to begin our 2 week Christmas vacation visiting family. Eight hundred miles and thirteen hours later we arrived at my parent’s house after having angels for travelers and no traffic. Will happily ate, slept and played in his seat all day. Jack has always been a great traveler, watching movies and reading books.

After a few days there we moved up to my sisters to spend Christmas Eve and Day. It was fun to have the cousins together and do all our Christmas traditions, like reading the Night Before Christmas, Santa bringing p.j.s, writing a note to Santa and putting out milk and cookies.

Christmas morning was welcomed right on time, 7 a.m. and down stairs we went to see what Santa brought. YaYa and PaPa arrived at 8ish for breakfast, stockings and presents. It was a fun day, even though it was different without the big Lange family dinner at Granny’s house.

On the 26th we moved to Jim’s sister’s house or the boarding house as we affectionately called it. On Sunday night we had 11 people and 4 dogs in a 4 bedroom house. It was cozy, but really fun to be there and great to see the boys with their cousins. The morning that we were heading out we stopped by Jim’s parents house for another visit and Will took one crawl.

Back to my parents we went for New Years Eve, where Will finally got his crawling together and continued working on pulling himself up. We had a nice New Years Eve playing Wii with auntie, unkie, YaYa and PaPa.

On Saturday we got back in the car for our return trek. Both of us held our breath wondering if the drive home could possibly be as good as the ride down. It was another great drive, maybe we have 2 great travelers. I think we are all happy to be home in our own beds, but miss our family. I wish we lived closer.

We all survived the holidays and now it is time to pack up the decorations until next year. It is a little sad to put it all away. The house always feels so drab with it. It will be nice to have it all picked up, since now we have a mover.

Hope all of your holidays were filled with joy and wonder.

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