On the move
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On the move

WillWill is crawling. Well, I should clarify that he has been crawling for a couple of weeks, but over the last week has discovered how to crawl on the hard wood floors. Before that he was mainly confined to the rugs, because he couldn’t get traction on the hard woods. Where there is a Will there is a way and now he can go anywhere.

His first few times off and about he would head down the hall into the laundry room after the dog dish. I am not sure what is so fascinating about the dish, but it was one of Jack’s favorites too. I am trying to avoid having to put the gates up until we return from our ski trip next week, so I have been trying to encourage him to go the other way through the kitchen and into the play room.

The other day he put it all together and now when he is done playing on the rug moves to the play room with a brief stop at the frig to pull down some magnetic letters. The play room has been reorganized to incorporate the new toys from Christmas and Jack’s birthday, move out toys that Will has outgrown and bring appropriate toys down to the ground level where he can easily reach them.

So far he is pretty happy to stay in the play room once he gets there, so we haven’t had to close that room off yet. There is one step down into the living room (luckily onto carpet) that he has unsuccessfully navigated a couple of times, but only when someone is in the living room. Last night Daddy let him fall in there while he was trying to get a box.

It is great to see him crawl and be successful. He has figured out that his high chair moves and he can get under and back out from under the train table. He has even been able to pull himself up on his music table and the train table. He really loves to stand and takes a few steps if you are holding onto him, but we have some time before the walking starts.

It takes some getting used to to not have him in the spot you left him, but he gets so excited to be able to get where he wants to go.

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