Boys are great!
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Boys are great!

JacksonI love being the mom of two boys. Now if you had asked me 6 years ago when I was newly pregnant with Jack what I was having I would have told you a girl. Luckily we found out at our 20 week ultrasound that he was a boy, because at the time we had no boy names. We had our girl name all picked out, Catherine Ann. The other funny thing the tech said during Jack’s ultrasound was that I was going to need tennis shoes, since she was having to chase him all over to get some good pictures.

Once I was pregnant with Will I was pretty sure that he was a boy too. So once we got the conformation after our amnio I wasn’t surprised. Again though we had to come up with boy names, because we didn’t have any. I was excited for Jack that he was going to have a brother. I have a sister and know what it is like to have a same sex sibling. Not that different sex siblings can’t be close, but I think you are naturally closer to a sibling of the same sex.

Many people have asked us if we were going to try again for a girl, but no, we are done. I know I will miss prom dresses, Disney princesses, making her clothes and doing her hair, but I wouldn’t trade my boys for it. Hopefully one of them will marry a girl that will let me come wedding dress shopping and maybe help with the wedding.

WilliamMy boys are so sweet. William has learned to give kisses (actually open mouth sucks of your face). Jackson loves helping his daddy. He follows him around and is learning to help with all sorts of projects and use tools. You can already tell that Will looks up to his big brother and wants to do want he is doing. Jack is so patient with him and loves making him laugh. It is the greatest thing to hear them playing together in the playroom.

One of the best parts is the morning cozy time in our bed after everyone wakes up. Jack will still come up and ask me to have a cozy on the couch and he gives the best hugs. Both of them have the brightest smiles I have ever seen. It makes my heart melt when they look at me and smile.

My hope is that as they grow up they keep their sweetness and balance it with strength. I want them to be strong men, but appreciate the women in their life, understand the importance of family and are good husbands and fathers.

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  1. denise says:

    I love those little boy hugs, too – they are very special and I can still feel Dougs.

  2. Jane Thomas says:

    I remember thetimes I had in the morning with my boys. Alec would wake up first at around 6. He would get in bed with me (James was already off to work) and we would read book after book. Then Kyle would wake up and he would crawl in bed with us and we would continue to read. Reading was our cozy time. I did this often in the evening when I was waiting for James to come home for dinner. We would get on the couch and pull out books and read. I know this was before the time of DVD etc. but of course not before just TV but I was a Natzi on letting them watch TV . Thanks for sending this as it just always reminds me of what I did when you talk about your kids!
    Love ya!

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