Going on a raspberry hunt
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Going on a raspberry hunt

raspberries 2  Ah summer in Seattle, it doesn’t officially begin until after the 4th of July. You can’t count on the weather until then. Once the sun is out we all come out and try to take advantage of each day we have.

The summer that Jack started eating we went on a field trip to a local farm with some friends and Jack discovered raspberries. He was only 2.5 years old so it was hard to get him to understand that he needed to put the berries in the basket and not his mouth. I think they immediately became his favorite.

So we have started an annual tradition of going raspberry picking. The next year we invited Jack’s godparents, Dana and Alan, to join us, because they are big raspberry lovers. Only Alan could make it, so we ventured out to South 47 Farm in Redmond where we had gone the previous year. This time Jack was a little better about putting some in his basket, but he didn’t always pick the ripest berries.

raspberries 1  raspberries 3

Last summer the berries were ready early, because we had some really warm weather. The boys and I met Dana and Alan at a new place, Remlinger Farm, with a much larger field, before we went to California. Will was little, so he slept in the front pack (actually it was my first use of the Ergo. Love it!) Jack loves Alan and follows him around like a puppy.

On Friday, Alan, the boys and I made our trek out to pick berries. I brought the jogging stroller for Will, even though I knew he wouldn’t be in it the whole time. He did stay in for a little while so I could focus. Jack followed Alan around and I think ate at least twice as many as got in his basket. Once we let Will out it took him a little bit and a few demonstrations to realize what we were up to. Then he discovered Alan’s basket and you could see him saying “Jackpot.”

raspberries 4  raspberries 5

At one point I looked at him as he walked away from me and he had a squished raspberry in the middle of his butt. I should have taken a photo of it. His face is equally as priceless, the perfect combo of berries and dirt. He actually slurps the berries, so he creates a red goatee every morning and looks like a baby vampire.

This is one of my favorite things to do with the boys. I like them to feel a connection to where food comes from and grown.

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