One year older
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One year older

What a difference a year makes. I realized today how much Jack has grown up in the last year. He has always been a talker with a large vocabulary, so sometimes I forget he is only 5.

Last year Jack and I worked on some Halloween crafts. They were ones from the crafts store, foam pieces you punch out and then stick on in the shapes of pumpkins, ghosts and spider webs. I had to help him get them punched out and sometimes needed direction on what to put where, but he had a great time.

Fast forward a year and yesterday we got out the Halloween decorations to start putting them up. There were some left over crafts that we didn’t finish last year. Jack got them out of the box, asked if he could do them, headed to the table and preceded to finish the rest of the box, without any help. They were great. He loves to help decorate the house.

It got me thinking about how much Jack has learned, changed and generally grown up over the last year. He has always had an amazing imagination and is a sweet boy, but now he is so much more capable. Periodically he will get his pens and paper out to “practice” his writing. He is also getting close to reading.

He is really enjoying Kindergarten. Each day he come home with something new he has learned or done. Our little boy is growing up.

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  1. Amen. Makes me tear up to see it happening so quickly!

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