A little fish
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A little fish

Jack has been taking swimming lessons all summer. He started out with lots of enthusiasm, but not very much skill. Now he is learning freestyle, back stroke and breast stroke. I think we have a little fish. He loves the water and would swim all day if I let him. To bad our climate and the size of our yard make a pool not conducive to having a pool. (I have always wanted a pool.)

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  1. Jane Thomas says:

    ok that is so fun! He is really good! Love it!

  2. Uncle Les says:

    Sarah- Jack is just GREAT. He is well coordinated, determined and seems so natural in water.

    You guys have done a terrific job with both boys. Proud of you.

    Uncle Les

  3. denise says:

    Sarah this is great – we really do fell as if we are sitting and watching with you. Nice job Jack. I’ve always a lap pool – you two can build it in the back yard here.

  4. Susan Bishofberger says:

    Sarah, thanks for sharing this video with us.
    WOW Jack !! You are a great swimmer!

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