First goals and turf turds
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First goals and turf turds

soccer3.jpg Jack has been playing soccer for the last few weeks on his  first team. His team has 6 players total and they play 3 on 3 games. It turns out that most of his team played baseball together, it has been fun to see all these kids again. It took one game for the boys to figure out the game and since then they have been blowing away the competition.

They play on Friday nights at these new turf fields. The 2 large fields are subdivided into about 20 tiny fields for the little guys. As any of you who have ever walked on the new style turf fields knows, they have these small rubber  pellets (turf turds) to provide extra cushion. However the turf turds get into everything, socks, shoes, bags and shorts. Needless to say we take off as much as we can in the garage, soccer1.jpgbut they still find their way into the house.

For some reason Jack hasn’t been playing as his normal competitive self. He will run around on the field, but wasn’t engaging with the ball very much. All of the other boys had scored goals except Jack, until last Friday that is.

soccer2.jpg Jim wasn’t at the game (he was going to the Alice in Chains concert), so I was there with both boys. Will has to stay in his stroller, because otherwise he runs through the game and across the field. (This makes him not a very pleasant fan, also because the games are during dinner time and they don’t want food on the fields.) I was trying to watch and cheer for Jack, video tape some of the game (because it wasn’t raining) and attend to Will, not an easy feat. I recorded the first few times Jack was in and then needed to move Will to a spot I could give him some snacks. During this turn in Jack received a pass from one of the other boys and one timed it into the goal. Everyone cheered for him and he was very proud. Unfortunately Daddy missed it and I didn’t get it recorded. Hopefully he will score another that he can see and I get on video.

I am wondering if Jack is going to be a defender. I just hope he likes soccer and will want to continue to play. As always he is the most enthusiastic teammate, which shouldn’t surprise anyone; I really hope he will keep that spirit.

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