Bottle free
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Bottle free

Our house is officially bottle free, well baby bottles that is. About a month ago I weaned Will off his bedtime bottle, the only one that was remaining. I wanted to wait to write this post until I was sure that we were going to keep moving forward and not back (yes I am a bit superstitious.)

He had been stuck on a bedtime bottle for months. It was a nice cozy time for the two of us to sit quietly before he went down. I also didn’t have to worry about how much he ate for dinner, because he would have 6-7 oz of formula to cover him through the night. The problem became that he would only take the bottle from me, so either we had to be OK with him going to bed without it or I had to be with him. That made having a night out pretty difficult.

I wanted to wait until our house guests (Steff, Paul and Oliver) left in September to start the transition, since I wasn’t sure if he would start walking up early or maybe during the night. The evening they left he was very thirsty, so I took it as an opportunity and gave him the cup of milk that would now become his bedtime snack. Plus by starting this evening we made our Pediatrician’s deadline of having him off the bottle by his 18 month appointment which was 2 days later. (I know Mr. Warburton procrastination is the thief of time.)

That night he drank quite a bit as we read stories. The next night however he just pushed it away, as our Pediatrician said he would do (actually she said he would throw it.) The push away game continued for about 2 weeks, then all of a sudden something clicked and he started drinking the whole cup. Now most nights he guzzles it down. He can have it while we read stories and then as one last chance when we are done reading to finish as much as he wants.

Again Will surprised me at how well he has completed this transition. He is really through the baby faze now, especially since he is talking so much.

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