May the Halloween force be with you
Jackson, William

May the Halloween force be with you

jack pumpkin.jpgI know many of you have been waiting with breathless anticipation to find out what our Halloween theme was this year. Well you will have to wait until later in the post.

Our Halloween was a touch on the busy side this year. Jim and I were the chair people for the haunted castle at the Halloween-A-Thon at Jack’s school. It was a big event that was held last Friday afternoon and included a silent auction, concessions, bouncy houses, crafts and trick or treating. (I will make a separate will pumpkin.jpgpost on this soon, because what we were able to do was amazing if I do say so myself.) However, that (and the acquisition of Jim’s company, yes he still has a job, thank goodness) kept us so busy that we didn’t get to carve our pumpkins until Saturday morning.

On Saturday morning we got the garage all set-up for the big event and set to work. Five hours and five pumpkins later I was finished, Jim did 2 of them. (I took a break for lunch and to put kids down for naps.) Jack did work on part of his, but got tired so I ended up doing the rest. He did do a great job of cleaning out his and another pumpkin. Will liked taking the seeds out of the pumpkin and then putting them back in and then throwing them.
So finally the Halloween theme….

luke.jpg Jack decided months ago that he wanted to be Luke Skywalker, but not just any Luke Skywalker, he wanted to be the one from Return of the Jedi in all black with the green light saber. Not that I would have purchased it if it was available, but it wasn’t available. Then we had to figure out the rest of the characters.

For Will we thought he wouldn’t keep the Yoda ears on, so he was R2D2. Jim decided he wanted to be Obi Won over Han Solo. I didn’t really have a choice, since Jack hasn’t seen Episodes 1-3 he wouldn’t know Queen Amidala, so boys.jpgPrincess Leia it was. Mulligan was supposed to be C3PoochiO, but she got a reprieve since she is on bed rest.

I have been working on the costumes since the beginning of September. Jack has been asking to wear his for weeks, but I wanted to keep it nice until Friday. He has wore the cape everyday since then.

r2d2.jpgSunday night we trick or treated through our neighborhood, this time actually going to the street behind us too. Will pretty quickly figured out what to do. Although he couldn’t say “Trick or Treat,” he did say thank you. Jack would have liked to run up ahead with the big group of kids, but being the mean parents we are we wanted him to stay with his brother. I am pretty sure he still had fun.

We now have so much candy in our house that I don’t know what to do with it all. It is going to take a long time for them to get through it at one piece a day. Well, Jim and I will probably help out with a few pieces.


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