O Christmas Tree
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O Christmas Tree

family.jpgThe Holiday season is officially underway. The lights are on the house, the tree is up, boxes of holiday decorations are spread around the house and we have a kitchen full of new appliances. (Santa came early for Mommy.) Now rewind a couple of days to our arrival back home on Saturday night.

Early Sunday morning we jumped out of bed, found our boots, hats, gloves and heavy coats and headed out to the Keith and Scott Tree Farm in North Bend. It is run by our friends Scott and Denise who have beautiful trees. As is our tradition we have to walk every square inch of the farm to find the perfect tree (Jim is particular about the perfect tree. I have will-tree.jpghiked all over the hills even very pregnant.) This year there was snow on the ground, which Jack thought was fun and Will wasn’t sure about walking in his suit and boots.

We found our perfect tree and before we knew it the helpers had it baled and tied to the car. After taking our family photo, having a cup of cider and visiting the horses we kept to the schedule and made it home on time. (Since it is all about keeping the schedule at this point, especially since the electrician was coming at lunch to install the new dedicated jack.jpgoutlets for the Christmas lights, so we will stop blowing the fuses and the new frig was coming in the afternoon. Could we pack more into one day?)

After getting our boxes and boxes of holiday decorations Jim took to putting lights on the house. Since we changed the front yard this year by taking out the dead hedge and putting in a patio and planter boxes, we needed to completely rework the light scheme. Yes, we are the Griswolds when it comes to boys.jpgthe outside lights. We worked on it for 3 evenings and they are finally finished (photo coming later.)

When we moved the tree into the house we realized how big it is. Our space for the tree is in the living room with the cathedral ceiling in the corner. So the best tree is a tall skinny one. This tree is tall, but not skinny. We had to do some serious pruning. It is amazing how different it looked in the house from on the farm.

I got the lights on the tree, not my best performance, but doable since 5 strands tree.jpgof lights were out and I just wanted to get it done. The boys helped unpack some of the decorations and put the ornaments on the tree. Jack did an amazing job with the ornaments. He worked really hard at getting them all in the right places. Will was happier playing on the ladder and step stool or throwing ornaments around the room. Somehow we got away with  only one broken one.

Jim and I sat in the living room after the boys went to bed and enjoyed the tree. Mulligan came in and sat with us too. It was a nice calm moment to get into the holiday spirit.

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