The house of sickness
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The house of sickness

Every year we normally have our share of illnesses that invade our house. This year we have been infested and I have had enough. It hasn’t been anything other than a series of bad colds, but the problem is they just aren’t going away.

For me it all started at Thanksgiving with your standard cold, only the cough didn’t quite go away. Two weeks later the cough really settled in for good with the onset of another cold. Finally two weeks later I went to the doctor and was told that it wasn’t pneumonia, but bronchitis (great!) Some prednisone and an albuterol inhaler later I was supposed to be on the road to recovery. Only it didn’t work, or actually it only worked for three days.

Then I start coughing again, this time with sinus issues. In an attempt to get better before Whistler, I went on some antibiotics and a cortisone inhaler. Again those worked to a point, but weeks later I am still not 100%.

Jim  has battled bronchitis too, but he also has ear infections. At one point he had blood in his ear canal. He actually hasn’t been able to hear out of one or both of his ears for over a month now. Super fun. Between antibiotics, prednisone, nose spray and inhalers he has been on pretty much anything.

At Jack’s well check last month I had Dr. Tracie check Will’s ears because he had been pulling at them. Her words were they are really bad. So he was on amoxicillin for about 8 days, then he broke out in a rash. The doctor’s office wanted to see him just in case it wasn’t from the antibiotic, which it turned out to be, it faded in a couple of days after being off it.

At that appointment I asked them to check Jack’s ears, because the night before he had been complaining about his ear hurting. Well sure enough he had an ear infection too. Antibiotics for all!

Seriously in the last month we have all been on antibiotics. How many families can say that? Not that you would really want to.

Anyway I am sick and tired of being sick and tired (I couldn’t help myself.)Enough already, go find someone else’s house to infest.

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