A Mod Podge Valentine
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A Mod Podge Valentine

boysAbout ten days I got an email from Jack’s teacher asking for help with the class Valentine’s Day party, because she was going to out of town at a funeral. Of course I would do the party. After an early morning meeting to get some ideas from her we were on our own. One of the other moms was helping as much as she could, but she had her older son’s party too.

A couple trips to Michael’s and some bus stop conversations later I had a plan. We were going to have 5 stations for activities/crafts and a game or reading station. Lots of cutting, gluing and copying later samples were made and the supplies were ready for 22 Kindergartners.

Our homework project was to make Jack’s Valentine box. I sent Jim and Jack to Michaels (we should really buy stock in the store) for supplies. They came home with a cardboard box, tissue paper, mod podge and stickers. If you haven’t used mod podge for a craft project you really should, it is basically making paper-mache. We used it to decorate the box with the tissue paper. Jack was funny when we were working. He hates to get his hands dirty, so he kept picking it off his fingers.

IMG_2191  hearts

Of course I decided that getting all the stuff ready for the party and making Jack’s Valentine box wasn’t enough, I needed to add another craft to our plate. We decorated wooden hearts with red, magenta and pink tissue paper using mod podge for the grandparents and aunts and uncles. Jack’s favorite was painting the mod podge on the hearts, because he didn’t have to get his hands dirty. Will wanted to get in on the act, but there was no way I was going to take that on, so he sat in his high chair with books. I had rediscovered my love of mod podge, just wait for more mod podge projects in the future. (How many times can I say mod podge in one paragraph or post.)

Fast forward to today. The room is all set-up for the projects, cookie decorating, card making, heart lions, valentine fuzzies, paper woven hearts. The kids had fun and made it through all the projects well. I think the favorite projects were the cookies and the valentine fuzzies. The fuzzies are pom poms glued to a heart for feet with eyes and antennae. The heart lions are made of different sized hearts and googly eyes. For the paper woven hearts, the kids cut out the pattern in two different colors and wove them into a basket weave pattern. It was rewarding to see them all happily completing their projects.

woven heart  jack lion 

fuzzies  lion

Will didn’t miss out on all the Valentine’s Day fun. At Kindermusik today he got a heart stamp on his hand. I decided that it would be fun to treat the boys to the heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphy’s for dinner, since anytime Will hears the oven timer he comes running in saying pizza.

will hand

Hope you all had a Happy Valentine’s Day and all my packages arrived on time. I know Auntie Jean got hers. (Thanks for the call.) I got to spend mine with my 3 Valentine’s.

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    I look forward to reading more of your articles and keep up the good work. 🙂

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