To cozy and other family words
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To cozy and other family words

If your family is anything like mine you have created your own family words or terms for things. I am not just talking about words for private parts or bathroom acts, (you know what I am talking about, who who or pee pee) but words for normal activities or items. Sometimes these may be intentional, but probably most of the time they are cute little happy accidents.

I think our first one actually came about before Jack was born. At my Grandparent’s house, soon after we were married, I showed him a scrapbook that my Granny made about my first trip to Idaho with them when I was 4. (Granny loved to make scrapbooks, it is to bad she couldn’t be apart of all that they have become now.) In the book it talks about how on our drive home we parked the trailer next to our friends and were “cozy-warm” next to each other.

That morphed into the term “cozy”, which is actually a verb, meaning to cozy. It became our word for cuddling (not that type of cuddling you dirty people.) Once Jack was here we used to to mean cuddle time, either in the morning, after nap time or whenever he just needed a cozy. He still comes up to us and asks to cozy.

The other day I was sitting on the sofa reading a magazine and watching TV and Will walked up to me and said “cozy.” Then started to crawl up on the sofa next to me. My heart just melted, now he knows it too. He sat with me for a few minutes, then got to wiggly and moved on.

That got me thinking about the other terms we use…

Like “feel-better”. That is our term for Neosporin (or other antibiotic ointment.) Jack coined this term, because I used to say lets go put something on it make it feel better when he would scrape or cut himself. Now he knows the real term, but I still like to use feel-better. Will knows when I pull the tube out that it goes on his check, since he is always marking up his little face.

Also “little hands.” I don’t know exactly how this started, but this is what Jack calls Purell or hand sanitizer. We would use it all the time when we couldn’t wash hands, especially when I was getting his tube feedings going.

Then there is “snooze.” Jack started using this term for his nap when he was around 2. I must have said it, but don’t remember exactly (babies fry your brain, it must be from all the heat and hormones during pregnancy.) Will and I now sing the Snooze Song before nap everyday. If I haven’t started it he will start singing on the changing table.

Do any of you have cute funny little terms you use?

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