Reward Chart
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Reward Chart

Our house has implemented a new reward system. (Not just for the dog, but Jack too.) I was looking for a motivational tool for Jack to offset my loud yelling voice. I was tired of having to get to the escalation point (and my series of colds has been hard on my voice too) and Jack wasn’t hearing me anymore. So now we have a reward chart.

Jack can earn “X”s throughout the day by completing his chores and behaving well. If he doesn’t talk back or complain, plays well with his brother and completes his tasks without me having to be on him then he gets an “X”. His chores are feeding the dog, making his bed (he is still not remembering this one,) setting the table and taking out the recycling.

Once he has 10 “X”s he gets a quarter (he has the opportunity to 10 stars a day and I didn’t want to break the mommy bank) and after he fills up a full page he gets an extra dollar. We are trying to start teaching him about money management too. He always says that he wants a toy or movie and asks for them, so we want him to save for items and learn the value of money.

He is responsible for marking the “X”s when he completes a chore or when we tell him he gets an “X.” So far it seems to be helping. We still have moments, but who doesn’t.

Now if I could only get Will on the same page. But unfortunately following directions is not his strong suit. Get ready we are entering the terrible twos, but that is for another post.

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  1. denise says:

    boy, do I remember these stages well

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