On our way–Hawaii part 1
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On our way–Hawaii part 1

You may be wondering where I have been. Aloha, we were in Hawaii.

The last time Jim and I were in Hawaii was almost 11 years ago for our honeymoon. We were both in need of a tropical vacation and excited for the boys to experience it. However we had to get through the flight with a toddler AND we weren’t sitting all together. I wonder who drew the short straw and got Will, HMMM, I wonder.

We have done car trips and plane rides, but until this trip not a plane ride over 2 hours. Jack was a great traveler, even 14 hours in the car he would eat, sleep and watch movies. Will has been a bit more of a challenge, but recently he has become more interested in watching movies so I was hopeful.

Early Sunday morning, the morning of the time change, (not good planning on my part) we headed to the airport for the 6 hour plane flight to Kona, Hawaii. Jim arranged for a car service to take us and all of our bags (3 duffels, 1 golf bag, 5 backpacks, 2 car seats and a stroller) to the airport. A white super stretch limo arrived. Jack was so excited. He loved the lights inside and wanted to watch the TV. We were worried about how to get all of our stuff from the car to the counter, but luckily a sky cap noticed us and came over to solve our problem. We even made it through security without any incidents.

Next on our list was breakfast. Our tradition is Starbucks in the terminal. After that we wanted to walk off some of the energy, so we walked down to the end of the C terminal, even though our gate was at the end of the D terminal. When we arrived at our gate 45 minutes before our flight they were already boarding. I was not prepared, needing to go potty, change Will, fill water bottles and pack the stroller, but on the plane we went.

After some seating adjustments, Will and I moved from the aisle middle to window middle, then the person who was supposed to sit next to me moved too. (No Will didn’t drive him away.) A nice guy from Alaska ended up sitting next to us, luckily he was very understanding of the almost 2 year old with me. Jack and Jim were 2 rows behind us. We opted not to schlep the full car set, because we have an airplane harness that turns the lap belt into a 3 point strap. This was Will’s first time using it (because this is the first time he had his own seat) and he did pretty well. He probably would have been happier in his car seat, but it would have been a lot more for us to carry through the airport.

Boy, 6 hours on a plane is a long time. We read books, played with toys, watched movies, ate and he even slept for about 30 minutes. I thought for sure we were getting close and I looked at my watch to realize we still had over 2 hours left. Daddy came in to help for a little while, taking him for a walk and seeing his brother.  He doesn’t like keeping his headphones on, so I tried turning on the speakers at a low level so the flight attendant didn’t give me attitude. (I had one tell me when Jack was little that it was “Alaska Airlines policy that everyone wear headphones.”)

Will got upset a couple times, but overall he did well. My seat however was so uncomfortable, I am not sure why, but my back hurt so bad. Then as we were descending my ears wouldn’t pop. (It didn’t pop until about 2 hours after landing.)

We made it! Without any major outbursts, screaming fits or making a big mess. I think that is a small miracle.

Stay tuned for more of our tropical vacation and photos. (I am still working on uploading them.)

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  1. Amy Cook says:

    I have 2 boys age 5 and 7 and both of them have occular albinism. We just moved to the Seattle area in Jan. We are having some issues with my 7yo regarding severe neck pain. After ruling out other more serious things we think it is due to his null point. So we have started PT and are getting records moved to get apt with Dr. Weiss (per your blog). I want to learn more about the surgery options. Anyway, it was so encouraging to find your blog and to easily know what dr we needed. Maybe we could chat more soon
    Amy Cook

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