The art of saying something wrong
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The art of saying something wrong

Learning to talk is one of those really fun milestones. You never know what exactly they are going to say and how it is going to sound. A few are really embarrassing and others you never want them to grow out of. We all have words that are hard to say or we just flat out pronounce wrong (OK word police, this is where Jim would talk about my Mom’s way of saying fajitas. She says frajitas. Sorry for outing you Mom.)

Jack started talking early and spoke pretty clearly, so he didn’t have that many words that came out in his own language. He did have some and still has a few that haven’t migrated to the real pronunciation. Here are a few of our favorites.

  • murote – remote
  • cobbily – broccoli
  • engery – energy
  • obstitute – substitute (he came home one day from school and said he had an obstitute teacher.)
  • occapus – octopus
  • copiter – helicopter

Since Will is still learning to talk he has a lot more words that he is still working out. I have found that he is not as clear as Jack was. He talks just as much, but most of the time you can only get a couple of words out of it. Here is his current list.

  • Wheel – Will, this is how he says his name
  • AYaya – Yaya, my mom
  • Keen – McQueen, as in Lightning
  • Mulligant – Mulligan, our dog
  • cycle – motorcycle or bicycle
  • coporn – popcorn
  • copet – pocket
  • ephant – elephant
  • wasat – what’s that
  • boberry – blueberry
  • dotdog – hotdog
  • faffle – waffle
  • Anakint – Anakin Skywalker
  • Obe – Obi Won Kenobi

I hope a few of these linger for a while. He is growing up so fast already. We were looking at him the other night and realizing our baby is not that much a baby anymore.

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