Feeding a toddler
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Feeding a toddler

Well technically it is cooking for a toddler since they are now feeding themselves and have opinions on their food. Although I am not a short order cook. The boys eat what we do, unless it is really something that they don’t like but we do, then I make a variation for them.

One thing to remember is we are rookies when it comes to feeding toddlers, because Jack wasn’t eating yet. He didn’t eat until almost 2.5 years old and even then he was an atypical experience for a number of reasons. He was eating broccoli, peppers, brussel sprouts and most proteins.

I have heard from many people and experienced friend’s toddlers pickiness. So I was worried about Will considering how our feeding experience started out with him. While he has had his moments as he has been communicating more he is starting to do better. We are able to coax him to eat more of what we want in exchange for him getting more of what he wants.

He, like his brother, has developed a liking for foods that you might not consider normal toddler foods, like artichokes (yes artichokes, he can almost eat a whole one on his own and loves throwing the leaves into the discard bowl. We discourage the throwing), mushrooms, olives and pot stickers. But he doesn’t like typical kid foods like cheese and yogurt.

With Will we struggle to get him to eat veggies, too. I put them on his plate and he is getting better about trying them if I ask, but most of the time they just sit there.

I think that Will is going to my gourmet guy who will be willing to try new foods. He seems open to some stuff already even during this typically picky age. Jack hasn’t expanded his food options since he started eating and is wary of trying new things. I keep hoping that as he gets older he will be more willing to try new things.

Feeding kids is a challenge between trying to make sure they eat balanced meals, get enough protein, have healthy snacks, but still foods they like. It is always rewarding to see them try something new and like it.

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