Raindrops on my Easter bonnet
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Raindrops on my Easter bonnet

Easter 2011 - 7Another rainy Easter? Are you kidding me, I figured with Easter being so late this year we might luck out. No way. It has been four Easters in a row that it has rained and not just a light shower, but full on rain. Saturday was gorgeous, sunny and close to 70 degrees. Then Easter Sunday is rainy and 50s, seriously.

Yes FOUR Easters in a row the egg hunt has been in the rain (and all four we have gone to our friends house, maybe we need to change our plans… Just kidding Sarah!) So we have gotten used to Easter outfits with rubber boots and rain coats.

Jack came walking into our room in the morning and said “The bunny didn’t hide the eggs in the front. Are they in the back? No!” He was clearly bothered until he walked down stairs and saw that the Easter bunny decided to hide the eggs inside our house anticipating rain. (Smart bunny!) The bunny also knew just want the boys wanted. Jack got the Angry bird toy he had really been wanting and Will got a Lego tractor and a few other things to fill their baskets.

Finding Easter Baskets

Easter 2011 - 1 Easter 2011 - 2

Egg hunt at home

This year we had not 1 but 2 Easter parties we had been invited to. First, we headed to the Edwards for their annual egg hunt and lunch. It was a great party as usual complete with a huge egg hunt for the kids, a golden egg hunt for the adults and hooch punch.  Jim got his ham and Jell-O egg fix before we needed to head out for nap time.

Easter 2011 - 6 Easter 2011 - 4

Edwards Egg Hunt

Last year Will had just started walking so he needed lots of help hunting eggs. This year he started to get the hang of getting the eggs. He needed a little direction focusing on the task at hand. I think he was distracted by the number of eggs and kids around. Next year watch out.

Jim and Jack then headed to party #2 while Will took a short nap. Our neighbors the Yocums included us in their gathering this year. Jack arrived just in time to participate in the egg hunt (his third of the day.) Will and I arrived after his nap to finish out the fun day with Dennis’s yummy champagne drinks. At one point the girls were around the dining room table chatting and the guys were watching hockey in the family room, nothing says Easter like pucks and ice.

Well I can hope that next year we will finally buck the trend and have a non rainy Easter. I am not asking for sun, just no rain.

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