Explaining the news
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Explaining the news

I hate watching the news. It is never anything good and in order to get viewers most stations have resorted to sensationalizing what is available. Especially having young children I don’t want them to be constantly bombarded with someone getting shot, news on the war or political bickering every evening. (I do read the paper everyday, so I know what is going on in the world.)

With all that said we do watch the Today show in the morning. When the alarm goes off the local news comes on to see what the weather forecast is (not sure why we bother, since they hardly ever get it right more than a few hours in advance) and how bad traffic is. That leads into the Today show, which is news for the first 20 minutes. Once the boys are awake they will come and get in bed with us and watch some of the morning’s headlines.

On Sunday night when news of Osama Bin Laden’s death broke, Jack was still awake. We had some friends over and he was getting ready for bed, but still downstairs, so he heard the news. I don’t remember what questions he asked that night, but the last two mornings he has had more.

Like this morning at breakfast he asked “Was he a bad guy.” I said yes he was. Then I realized that he didn’t live through 9/11 (I knew that but until now I hadn’t thought about the fact that we would have to explain to him what happened that day and why our world would never be the same.) His next question was “What did he do?” So I delicately explained that he told his people to take over airplanes and to fly them into buildings killing over 3000 people. Then he asked “how did they kill him?” I told him that the army found out where he was hiding and went to get him and he fought back.

These were all very good questions and I am glad he asked me. I don’t want to keep him in a complete bubble. If he has questions I want him to ask, but I don’t want him to be scared by things. Luckily we are able to keep our children sheltered from war. They don’t have to live in constant fear, like children in war torn countries around the world. I am counting my blessings today and am thankful for all that we have. 

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