My Mom Book
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My Mom Book

In the May issue of Real Simple magazine, there was a great article about the Mom Book. The book has been made by her kids over time. A couple times through the year they make a new “entry” in it and give it to her as a gift, like at Mother’s Day, Christmas and her birthday. Some of the entries are written, some have hand drawn pictures or hand prints, but each captures the child at that moment in time.

I thought this was a great idea; a good way to capture memories as they grow. I gave Jim the article and he organized the first entries into my Mom Book. (I still need to get the book, but I have the first pages for it.)

Jack has started writing notes, spelling phonetically (this is for another post), but it is so cute what he decides to say. In class they have been writing a sentence, then drawing a picture about it, so he has had practice doing this. For his stuff he drew a picture of us camping and another one of us working on the patio.

mom book 1

mom book 2  mom book 3

Will’s skills aren’t quite as advanced, so we are lucky that he didn’t eat the pen. His next entries I am sure will start to show his artistic talents.

mom book 4

I love my new book and can’t wait for the next entries.

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  1. Paul says:

    Sounds great! I can imagine how fast the years will past and how fast the book will grow!

  2. Did you ever get your Mom book? I am starting one this Christmas and unsure of what type to purchase…especially since darling son is only 5 months old and not able to contribute much at this point 🙂

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