Lerning to rite
Jackson, School

Lerning to rite

As part of learning to read and write Jack is learning to write phonetically. When he works on sentences, he sounds the words out to himself and puts down the sounds he hears. For example the word love is actually luv. I guess eventually they will correct it, but for now it gets them writing and not being self-conscious about spelling correctly.

It is so cute to get these sheets home from school with sentences on it about what he wants to be when he grows up or what he likes to do at school. You have to almost read it out loud in order really get what he is trying to say. It has been fun to watch other people come over and read his work and try to figure them out.

Here are a few examples.


Translation – I want to become Jedi Luke Skywalker. I want to defeat Darth (he ran out of room for Vader.)

writing-2Translation – I like to do recess.


Translation – I want to be astronaut.

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