Fighting for science
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Fighting for science

A few weeks ago I attended the Issaquah Schools Foundation luncheon. The Issaquah Schools Foundation (ISF) is a non-profit organization that helps fill in the funding gaps between state funds and what our schools need to education our children effectively. At the lunch we learned how the state has issued new elementary science standards, but pulled back the money that was set to pay for the program. (This is a whole other rant for another day.) Currently 50% of 5th graders are not meeting the science standards because there isn’t a uniform district wide curriculum.

As a scientist (even if I am not currently practicing I will always be a scientist) I believe that early exposure to science is critical for our kids. Not only do they learn basic science principles, but problem solving and critical thinking skills. There are so many areas of science, from biology to environmental science.  Kids have so much imagination and wonder it is fun to watch them put the dots together.

The ISF is currently running a fundraising campaign to fill in the gap left by the state removal of funds and get the elementary science initiative rolled out. To help this process I have created a personal fundraising page and hope that you will join Jim and I in trying to meet this goal. Please give whatever you can, no matter how small, our kids are worth it.

If you have any questions about this campaign please contact me. There is also more information on my fundraising page and also ISF’s Got Science page.  Thanks everyone for your support.

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