All done patch
Jackson, Vision

All done patch

As Will would say, “Jack all done patch.” Jack had a follow-up with Dr. Weiss at Seattle Children’s to determine if the patching was helping his weak eye.

To recap, in November at his appointment they discovered that Jack’s left eye was weaker than his right eye. That started 6 weeks of patching everyday for 4-6 hours. He was a very good sport about it. After a follow-up vision check, they determined that there hadn’t been a significant change, but wanted us to keep at it. So for 4 more months he patched for 4 hours every other day, or when I remembered to do it.

At the appointment they tested his vision again and determined that it wasn’t helping. His vision tested the same as it had in November. They think that his difference in vision between the eyes is due to asymmetric macular hypoplasia as part of his Ocular Albinism. This means his macula is under developed, at least one is.

He did do better on his stereopsis test. They said he has high grade stereopsis, which could mean that he doesn’t have the typical inter-hemispheric crossing of the fibers between the brain and eyes. In typical OA cases more fibers than normal cross to the other side, but Jack’s fibers may be like a normal sighted person. This is great. I may mean that his depth perception will be better than we had originally thought. We go back next March to have everything tested again.

Jack was very happy he doesn’t have to wear the patch anymore. And I can stop feeling guilty about the days I forget to have him wear it.

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