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Mommy’s camp

On Saturday I attended my first blog workshop/conference. The Bloggy Boot Camp was such an amazing experience. I learned so much that it has taken me several days to digest it all, that and my Mom was in town until Monday and then we had to get to California for our nephew’s graduation on Wednesday.

Being a typically shy person I have trouble walking into events where I don’t know anyone(well to be honest, I have trouble walking into events where I know a few people, so this was very overwhelming.) But Francesca (@sitsgirls) and Tiffany (@tiffanyrom) set up the morning perfectly. They assigned us each to tables for the morning speakers and lunch. It was such a great way to meet people you normally wouldn’t have.

The speakers were wonderful, so inspiring. Here are my top take aways from each one.

1. Jenny on the Spot – Don’t plan to be viral. Plan to be awesome! Remember your first love.

2. @carolschiller – Look local for business ops. Don’t beg deliver results.

3. @fedexmylife – We are all communicators – there isn’t a way to do it right.

4. Saving for someday – Make at least one change to a contract that way they know that you read it completely.

5. Lisa Leonard – Don’t be afraid to hire or delegate your weaknesses. Someone may actually do a better job than you can.

6. Marlynn Schotland – Practice saying No! You don’t have to do everything. Define your priorities and stick to them.

7. @ jylmomif – Don’t underestimate your influence.

I can’t wait for my next bloggy conference. Next time it will be nice to walk in the room and see some familiar faces.

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  1. Thanks for the great links. I’m hoping to attend a Bloggy Boot Camp later this year so it’s good to hear you found it helpful. Thanks for sharing.

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