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Just like a child grows, this blog is growing too. I have been thinking about what the future should look like here for a while. After attending the Bloggy Boot Camp a couple weeks ago I was very motivated to move The Will to See forward.

Up to now it has been focused on the boys and specifically their vision. While that is interesting in the heat of the moment and we do live with it every day, there isn’t stuff to write about daily, weekly and sometimes even monthly. I was searching for topics specific to them that were sometimes a stretch for me.

The bottom line is I have more to say on a broader range of topics; like things about me, my interests and goals. Of course the boys will still play a big role in the posts, since they do provide funny material. I am hopeful that this move will be fulfilling for all of us.

So I am moving forward into what ever the future holds. This is just the first step and I am not quite sure if the changes will include a name change or other big things, but for now it is starting with a look modification.

I have migrated to a self hosted WordPress site which gives me more flexibility with design and content. For you it doesn’t mean anything other than some new features, like the twitter and facebook buttons. If you are on either I would love for you to follow or like me.

Stay tuned for more. I hope that you will continue on this journey with me.

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  1. Bloggy Boot Camp was extremely inspiring , wasn’t it? I’ve been motivated to do something or make some small change everyday since.

  2. I like this idea. That way it will be appealing to a broader group of people- however I always love hearing about children

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