Getting To Know You
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Getting To Know You

This post is part of the Project Marriage monthly challenge. June’s writing prompt was “your love story,” we could pick an aspect of our story to tell.

As part of my office makeover project, I found a box of things I have kept from the days when Jim and I first met. Even though it was almost 13 years ago it brought me right back to those days, full of hope and anticipation.

We met at a famous Seattle martini bar on a Saturday night. I was out at with some friends and so was he. Our groups ended up merging after a funny interaction while I was in line for the ladies room; a long story for another time. After some drinks and dancing, we exchanged information.

When I arrived at the office Monday morning I sent him an email asking him to dinner. Yes, I asked him out, thank you very much. Truth be told, he was going to call me, but he saw my email first. We made a date for Wednesday evening.

Over the next two plus days we emailed back and forth getting to know each other. We covered all sorts of topics including, families, siblings, careers and personal interests. By spending this time getting to know each other we had background on each other by the time we got to dinner. A few months later I printed the emails and gave them to him.

One thing still makes me laugh even reading them now. We picked a restaurant that was known for a good wine list. I wasn’t sure if I should tell him that my family was in the wine business or wait until after he picked the wine on our date. When I confessed my connection in email I got a very surprised and relieved response. Although it probably put more pressure on the wine choice that night, which we chose together.

It was fun to reread those emails, remembering those fun days, waiting for the next email to come in. Then trying to decide what flirty language to use, wondering what funny thing he was going to say. Eleven years of marriage, two boys and a yellow lab later I am so happy that I emailed him and asked him out.

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