Baby Book Burden
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Baby Book Burden

One of my goals this year is to get lingering projects checked off my list. If you are like me, you probably have a growing list of family projects you would like to complete — family photo albums, video, kids’ projects — but for some reason (some good, some not so good) they don’t get finished. I am tired of having them on my list, so this is the year that I will resolve unfinished business.

The big one right now is Will’s baby book (I know he is two, but Jack’s didn’t get done until he was two as well.) Before Jack was born I decided that I was going to create a scrapbook baby book, instead of one where you just write the milestones down. I have made scrapbooks before about big trips I have taken, so I thought I knew what I was getting into. Little did I know — I am probably at least 50 hours in on Will’s and still not close to being done. While I know I will appreciate it once it is complete, right now I just want to finish it. Last night my Mother asked how it was going. My reply, “Slow.”

Originally I thought that I would complete the boys’ first year in a scrapbook baby book and then I would do family scrapbooks after that. No way man, I am done. I don’t know how one finds the time or money to be able to do all of one’s family albums this way. Several of the bus stop moms do and I applaud them, because the completed books are beautiful, but it is not for me. My plan is to complete Will’s book and then make photo books online with the rest of our family photos (the six years’ worth that I haven’t completed yet.)

I read that the traditional scrapbook industry has been declining since 2006 as the digital scrapbook market is growing. There is still $1.6 billion dollars spent annually on traditional scrapbook supplies (and I have significantly contributed to that) so many people are still doing them and doubt they will go away completely. But for me, the time has come to embrace the digital age when it comes to creating a visual chronicle of our family memories. And I am just fine with that.

What type of baby book or family photo albums do you prefer? Is it a hobby or an obligation?

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