Top 15: Camping Part 2 (No. 10-6)
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Top 15: Camping Part 2 (No. 10-6)

Read on for the second installment in a three part series as we count down our recent camping memories to #1. If you missed the first installment, you can read it here.

jack10. “Mom! I stepped in poo.” – Within minutes of our arrival at Cougar Rock Campground one of the four boys said those words. Seriously how is that possible? The campsite was surrounded by lots of woods that now needed to be searched, because if it wasn’t found on the ground, it would be found on another child’s shoe. This scenario repeated three more times, including Jack stepping in dog poo moments after getting out of the trailer one morning that we got a 5 a.m. wake up call from Will. That is just not fair before the coffee is ready.

9. Another dead battery at Rainier – As we loaded the kids in the car in the car Tom walked up and said, “Hey, want to try out that battery jump box?” Their battery had run down over night after using a cooler/frig that plugs into the car’s cigarette lighter. After a quick jump we were on our way and Jim and I both remarked that at least it wasn’t us this time.

8. Making the fire from scratch – Right after we arrived at Cougar Rock, Jim and I realized that we had forgotten the lighter fluid to start the charcoal (I bought the wrong kind.) After ten minutes of trying to get the fire started, even with some borrowed lighter fluid from a neighbor, all we had was smoke. Jim and Tom decided to give up and drive a few miles hoping there would be a store. But I remembered the old saying, where there is smoke there is fire. So, with some pinecones, cracker boxes, hard work and lots of smoke I got the fire going. The guys came back with five bags of Matchlite to find a nice fire. To Jim’s credit he told Tom in the car that I would probably have the fire going when they got back.

7. “Sarah!!!” – After the fire was resolved and dinner was actually in process the Faleys got a glimpse into our relationship. I was helping the kids pick up the toys that were spread over the main path and Jim asked me where the foil was. I told him and then went back to picking up toys. All of a sudden I hear “Sarah. Sarah! Sarah!!!” My response was “what!” (as in “Can’t you see I am doing something?”) Of course the rest of the night that was the joke anytime anyone needed anything.

6. Laughing at the campfire – One of our favorite parts of the night when camping is the campfire after the kids are in bed. Most nights we end up laughing so hard that we are almost crying. Whether it is telling old stories from childhood or early married life or having Jim and Dennis riffing about the bait and tackle shop they want to open (that is for a password protected blog of another nature.) There is also just something about red wine at a campfire, it just tastes so good and helps with the laughter.

Check in tomorrow for numbers five through one. Do you have any idea what will be number one?

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