A Seattle Summer Tradition
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A Seattle Summer Tradition

Yesterday we took the boys to their first full Seafair experience (Auntie, Unkie and Oliver came with us too.) We have been going to watch the Blue Angels on the I-90 floating bridge for many years. If you haven’t seen them from this vantage point it is a must. The best spot is on the west high rise.

SeaFair-21 DSC02628

Jim has wanted to take Jack to the boat races for the last few years, but we haven’t been able to make it work. So this year we made a point of blocking that weekend on the calendar and the Charkis decided to come visit and join us.

We bravely decided to take the two little boys and an eight months pregnant Steff as well. We found a spot on the shore north of the pits with a good view of the race course and the air show. Jim, Paul and Jack got pit passes so they could see the boats up close. They did take the little boys in for a short time. Steff and I relished the time to sit on the shore and enjoy the day with about 300,000 other people. It was as much fun to watch all the people as it was to watch the racing.


SeaFair DSC02636

The boys liked watching the hydros and the airplanes, although Oliver was worried about the stunt pilots landing in the water. It took some reassuring and watching for a while and then he liked it. Even Will was able to follow the planes in the sky and boats on the water. They lasted through the Blue Angel show which was about an hour into naptime. Since there was a break in the racing action for a while we decided to pack up and start the trek home.

While Jim, Jack and Paul made one more trip to the pits, Steff and I walked the little boys in the strollers to see the rest of the sights and find some ice cream. Maybe five minutes later both boys were asleep; so they got their nap and we got our snack.


We made it home in time to watch the final race on TV, including a big hydro flip in the Lites group final. Unfortunately the boat Jack was rooting for came in last. It was a very fun day that we all will remember.

Have you been to Seafair or watched the Blue Angels? What is your favorite memory?

Photo credit for Paul – Thanks for taking most of the photos.

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