My Family Zoo
Jackson, William

My Family Zoo

This week’s Monday Listicles at NorthWestMommy is all about animals and it got me thinking about how my boys resemble animals in certain ways. These are really in no particular order, just a list.

  • Cheetah – Jack is a really fast runner. Even though he may be on the short side (I am talking about height people,) he can move his legs. I remember watching him at soccer class when he was about two and a half running down the field looking backward at everyone behind him because he was so far out front.
  • Puppy – Will on the other hand still runs like a puppy. That is not to say he isn’t fast, he is just all over the place. Sometimes we think he runs that way on purpose, but then when he isn’t trying to be funny he still has crazy legs and at he looks like he could fall on his face at any moment.
  • Octopus – When Jack had his surgery a couple weeks ago and I was holding him it made me realize that he is all arms and legs now. Gone are the days of having him curl up on my lap and fit. Now he is full of lanky limbs that flail around, making him difficult to hold. I was trying to hold him and tickle him at the same time (our form of legal torture) and couldn’t do it easily.
  • Monkey – I have called Will my monkey for a while, because he is goofy and is always finding a way to get what he wants. If it is something on the counter that he can’t reach he will pull a chair over and climb up. Then he will turn around and jump off the chair, laughing the whole time. Goof ball.
  • Camel – As hard as I try to get him to stop Will is all about sound effects and spitting. Not deliberate spitting but he is obsessed with crashing sounds and is not delicate when it comes to his saliva control. It doesn’t help that his two year molars are finally in, so he has had excess saliva for the last several months. There is just something about the mechanism of making crashing noises (which is constant) that projects the spit outward. Sorry if he accidently gets you, it wasn’t intentional.
  • Meerkat or prairie dog – It is hard to be stealth with Jack around. He must have super bionic hearing and is very curious, so he will come out of nowhere with a list of questions. What are you doing? Who are you talking to? What did they want? If I want to make sure he doesn’t hear I have to turn the music up loud in the playroom and go to the other part of the house.
  • Piglets – What is it about boys and any mud puddle, dirt pile or mound of sand that has to be jumped in, dug through or run over. No matter how hard I try to keep them clean we will find something on the way to the bus stop that somehow jumps onto their shirt, pants or face. Seriously, they were clean, I swear.
  • Fish – The boys love to swim. If we had a pool they would be in it all day long. Jack now has the skills for me to feel comfortable just letting him go (with supervision poolside of course.) Will on the other hand just goes. He hasn’t started swimming lessons yet, but just wants to jump in and he gets tired of me holding onto him.
  • Huskies – No animal list would be complete without a mention of the boys being Husky fans (an ode to Jim’s Dawg blawg.) Saturday was our first game of the season. We got Will to take a nap in the car on the way to the parking lot and when he woke up his first words were “Huskies, Huskies, Huskies.” Both boys have been going to the games since they were tiny and will hopefully be lifelong Dawgs.

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  1. Great list! By the way, all kids are piglets. I don’t know why being covered in mud is attractive to them, but it apparently is. My daughter loves to have it in her hair and purposefully puts handful after handful on her head, and then cries when we wash it out.

  2. What a great interpretation of the prompt. Love the parallels, thinking about it I have a little monkey/meerkat hybrid living with me 🙂 Your Zoo sounds like a lot of fun!

  3. What a creative response to Stasha’s theme for Monday Listicles. I agree with Fabulosokids Bruce – all kids ARE piglets!

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