Innocence Lost

Innocence Lost

Over the weekend we, like many around the world, spent a considerable amount of time in reflection about the life-changing events that occurred ten years ago. On Saturday night, we sat outside around the fire and recalled with friends where we were and what we remembered most about that day. I am sure all of us who lived through it will never forget.

On Sunday morning, MSNBC re-ran the coverage from that morning as the events unfolded live on television. We couldn’t help but watch it. As we watched, so did the boys. I wasn’t directly affected by loss that day, but I couldn’t help but be moved by the memorials and the endless stories of loss and personal grief. The terrorists unfortunately left an irreversible mark on how we live our lives.

But the events also reminded us of the core values that make our country truly unique. It was interesting to see how differently people commemorated the day, from the University of Washington Huskies wearing special helmets with American Flags, or displaying our flag during a neighborhood barbeque.

How 9/11 changed me …

  • I stop and look or listen at any emergency alert message
  • I know longer ignore airplanes as they fly overhead
  • I don’t want to take any day for granted
  • I cherish my love ones and make sure they know it
  • I am forever thankful that we live in a place that protects our freedoms
  • I try to be more tolerant of others
  • And I now have to figure out how to explain to my children what happened that day and why certain people would do such a thing.

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  1. Before I was a mother last one would be least important, now it is the one I fear the most. It is so hard to talk to our children about something we don’t wan to think about ourselves. Great list!

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