We Checked Off Summer Fun
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We Checked Off Summer Fun

Early in the summer we created a list of all the fun things we wanted to do over the summer, made a poster, and checked them off as we completed them. I was hoping that it would help keep things top of mind while providing a fun activity as we decorated the poster with stickers. Most importantly, it was a good reminder to celebrate what is truly important – family and the time we spend together.

Here are some of the fun summer activities we completed:

1. Go camping – We went four times, including a trip to Dosewallips with five other families.

2. Swim in the lake – We got to swim in both Lake Sammamish at my aunt and uncle’s lake house and Pine Lake with some good friends.

3. Go to SeaFair – Auntie Steffi, Unkie Paul and Oliver joined us at SeaFair this year and we got to watch the Blue Angels and the hydroplane boat races from the shoreline.

4. Make tie dye shirts – The family has a matching set of tie dyes. I am sure this is only the first of many tie dye projects.

5. Find a new ice cream spot – While in California we went to a new ice cream spot near Auntie, Unkie and Oliver’s house.

6. See fish throwing at Pike Place Market – After selecting our fish, Jack was so excited to see it get thrown back over the fish counter to be wrapped up.

7. Make garden art – Our painted rocks for the garden were not only fun, but were also featured in FamilyFun Magazine.

8. Pick berries – The boys and I got to pick blackberries near our house and came home with some war wounds to prove it.

9. Play golf – There was backyard golf, as well as golf on the course. Jim and I even got to go play a couple of rounds on our own – a rarity.

10. Paint a project – Jim and the boys made a pirate flag for the play fort and Jim is currenly working with Jack on a complete room makeover. They are making Jack and Optimus Prime bed and his room has been repainted to match the new colors.

Summer was fun, but we are ready for fall. Fall means Husky football, Friday night soccer and prep for Halloween. What will the costumes be this year? You will just have to wait and see.

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  1. Hi From Listicles:
    I am so impressed that you made a list on a poster (and stuck to it)! And went camping 4 times! It sounds like an idyllic summer for kids.

  2. I like your summer plan, they were all obtainable but very special treats. We saw fish and picked blackberries. And camped too! Looking back, it was a lovely summer,so glad you loved yours.

  3. I LOVE that you made a list on a poster. What a great idea. And kids always have great ideas of things to do if you ask. I bet they thought it was the best summer ever!

  4. Fun fun summer. Maybe next year we can try the tie dye shirts 🙂 Congrats on the magazine feature, so cool.

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