Only one
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Only one

This weekend Jim and I each took one child. Will and I headed to Sacramento to visit our new nephew and Jim and Jack had a boys weekend at home. I think it was good for everyone.

Will got to spend some time with cousin Oliver without his big brother running the show. Even though Oliver and Will are only five months apart, Jack and Oliver tend to team up and leave Will out (you know the saying about the third wheel.) This weekend the boys have been developing their relationship on their own terms. Now don’t get me wrong we still had plenty of disputes to resolve (they are 2.5 and 3 years old) but they also had times where it was just fun.

Jack and Jim worked on Jack’s new bed design. A little background… For his third birthday we gave Jack a Lightning McQueen bed, but not just a store bought one, but one we made from scratch. He has grown out of Cars so it was time to upgrade his room. I thought this meant some new paint and wall stickers. The two of them decided this also meant a whole new themed bed.

The boys have been at each other a bit more than usual recently, so it was nice to break them up and give them personal attention. I don’t think Will notices, but Jack will hopefully be refreshed and ready to listen to me a bit more.

I really enjoyed being able to spend time with Steffani, Paul, Oliver and Finley. We didn’t get to see as much of my parents as I would have liked, but this trip was about Finn. And we got some nice California sun and warmth.

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  1. Caroline YaYa says:

    It was so fun to have William and Sarah in California. It was great that Sarah and Steffani and Paul could spend time together. It was fun watching William and Oliver play together and try to get along. They did a good job considering they are so close in age.

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