10 Must Haves for New Moms

10 Must Haves for New Moms

As a new mom it is so helpful to hear from seasoned moms on their favorite items. Here is my list of must haves.

1. Ergo – This is one of my favorite things and I only wish I would have had it for Jack. It is a front- or back-pack that has a waist strap to take the pressure off of your shoulders. I still haul Will, all 33 pounds of him, around in it.

2. Good umbrella stroller – We bit the bullet after Jack was born and invested in a good quality umbrella stroller and almost seven years later it is still going strong. They can be a bit pricey for the good ones, but this will be your most used stroller. Ours has been on and off many airplanes and miles at the mall, and around town. If you do buy a good one and plan to travel with it, also get a travel bag, then the bag gets bet up and not the stroller.

3. Good jogging stroller – While we are talking about strollers, a good jogging stroller is a must too. This is the one I use around the house going on walks and to the bus stop in the rain and snow. There are all different kinds, so be sure and go try them out.

4. Swing – When my boys were little they wouldn’t nap in their cribs. They would nap in the fancy-pants swing that goes side to side and front and back. We discovered this on our first overnight stay at Children’s Hospital. The nurse brought it in and Jack went right to sleep. Jim had one for Jack before we got back home.

5. Fisher Price Booster – There are all sorts of portable booster seats, but there is only one worth buying, the Fisher Price Healthy Care Booster seat. We have tested other ones and this is the only one that really grows with the kids. We have had one for over six years and are still using it. My sister uses one instead of having a big high chair at home.

6. Good backpack for a diaper bag – With Jack, I struggled with traditional diaper bags and backpacks trying to make them work for me. Eventually we ended up using an old backpack and it worked much better than all the other ones. Before Will was born I went and picked out a regular backpack from REI that had all the features I wanted. However the one thing that is really useful out of a typical diaper bag is the changing pad.

7. Bungee Baby Bouncer – When it comes to baby jumpers this is the one to get. It uses a bungee cord instead of a spring, so it is easier for the child to make it go. Both boys jumped to their hearts content. Will even jumped so much that he often fell asleep in it.

8. Books – Get yourself a stash of books, board books, picture books, paperback ones. I have books everywhere, in the car, diaper bag, playroom, their bedrooms, you get the idea. They like to have a variety, ones with real photos and others with drawings.

9. Bumbo – I wasn’t sure about this seat at first, but it is really helpful for the few months between when they can hold their head up and when they can sit up. Will needed to sit up as much as he could, because he was getting a flat spot on his head. This way he could sit up in the formed seat and be at the table with everyone.

10. Portable DVD player – This one is for when they are older, but if you plan on taking road trips or plane rides a DVD player is a must. It has also helped in meetings or at dinners after the kids have eaten. Then Jim and I get to sit and actually enjoy our meal.

What are your top items that new moms need?

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  1. Some of these I did not know of. But they do sound like they do the job. I like how you explained why they get your vote. This is a wonderful and so useful list. Thank you for always linking up your thoughts, I really love them.

  2. I think we had the same kids. Instead of an Ergo, I had the Beco. Loved it. The kids loved it. I was sad when I stopped using it. The swing saved me. More with my first than my second. It is the only place she would nap and she would nap in that sucker for up to 3 hours I loved it.
    Great list.

  3. This was a great idea of a way to handle the list for new moms, advice on products are always better coming from someone who has tried them than the retailers! I can’t believe how much things have changed since my kids were little. There is so many things out there that are so cool I can’t wait for grandbabies!

  4. We had two strollers too, a heavy duty Chariot (jogging/hiking/snowshoeing stroller) and a lightweight good for the mall type of stroller. Swing – check! Backpack – check! Great ideas here. P.S. Nice to meet you! I also have a “Jack”. 🙂

  5. Yes to all of these!! Ad would sleep only in the swing or pressed dangerously close to me for the first 4 months. We thought the swing was broken once. That was nearly tragic. I love the Ergo and the Moby. My daughter hasm ore books than a library and loves to read. Finally, a backpack – yes!!! We have a diaper bag but I nearly always use our light hiking day pack. Skip Hop makes a little diaper caddy thin that works perfectly.

  6. I totally agree with this list (though we’re avoiding the DVD player as long as possible; luckily, my son loves sing-a-longs in the car). The backpack is definitely key; that’s what we’re using now. It makes trips so much easier. I borrowed an Ergo from a friend when my son was younger, and she needed it back… thinking I need to invest in my own, since I still end up carrying my son around! I liked the Moby better when he was an infant, though.

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