SEE: William Stanton
SEE, William

SEE: William Stanton

I am starting a new series called “SEE.” It is inspired by our name, The Will to See, and seeing aspects of the world through your eyes. I will periodically write SEE posts (it could be about someone, something or some idea) and I may even invite others to write guest SEE posts.

To kick off this new series I thought I would give you a “glimpse” at some of the people in my life through my eyes. First up is Will.

W – will power. Some might call this strong willed, but he is determined and it will prove to be a necessary skill in the future given his vision impairment.

I – individual. He has his own unique and distinct personality even at this age. Also, he can make the perfect frown face. I have no idea how he does it and haven’t been able to capture it on film…yet.

L – lovably cute. Most people want to eat him up and ask me how we discipline him when he is so darn cute. Will is a hugger. So when you meet him, beware, he will get you.

L – lefty. He is left handed without question. He throws, swings a bat or club, eats, writes and even kicks as a true lefty.

I – imagination. Just like his brother he can take his toys and play for hours by himself, making up stories and scenarios.

A – adventurous. Will just goes. He has no fear and will just walk right into the middle of anything — of a group of kids, a swarm of bees, a pool…

M – male. He is all boy. He loves his cars, Transformers, swords, and balls.



S – style, as in his own. He has a distinctive run that made our friend Allison, who is a PT, say one day that she wanted to video tape Will running so she could show everyone what the range of “normal” is like.

T – taller, much taller than Jack. I feel bad for Jack because someday, not too many years from now his younger brother will be taller than him.

A – animated. He loves to dance and sing, especially in the car.


N – nutty. The other night while I was getting him ready for bed he said “I William! I crazy!” He is a complete ham and loves making all of us laugh.

T – tenacious. He doesn’t take “no” for an answer and is determined to get what he wants. See letter “W.”

O – outgoing. Ever since he could talk he would say “Hi” to people in the grocery store until they would acknowledge him. Today he even called out to multiple groups of people and everyone said “hi” back.

N – noisy. His voice has a way of carrying a long way, except when you need to find him. He also likes to hum or sing when you are on the phone.


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  1. Oh, this is a lovely idea! Pure lovely!

  2. Aw, Will is super cute! What a super idea for a new theme:)

  3. Seconding the ladies above! I look forward to seeing more. 🙂

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