Jack’s New Digs
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Jack’s New Digs

Jack’s room update project is finally complete. I should say that this was Jim’s project and I had very little to do with it, so good job Jim.

When Jack turned three he got his big boy room which was centered around a handmade Lightning McQueen bed. Jim made the bed and I painted the side. The room also featured a hand-painted Cars logo and character decals on his walls.

Now that he is almost seven it was time for an update and Jack decided he wanted a Transformers room. Originally the bed was going to be repainted to match Bumblebee, but Jim and Jack got together and decided that instead it would be cooler if they made a new Optimus Prime bed. At this point I said “I am out!” and let them work on it.



Jack is so happy with his room. He wants to show anyone who comes over it. Jim added a lot of creative touches too, like a real tire, a smoke stack made from ducting and some Autobot medallions. Jim vows that this is the last bed he is making. Does anyone want to take bets on that?

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  1. Caroline YaYa says:

    Great room Jack

  2. I will take that bet. Another bed when Cybertron freezes over.

  3. That is a great room! Even I would love to sleep in the Cars bed 🙂

  4. Wow. That is an awesome room! How long did that take? If my son was old enough, he’d be jealous.

  5. You need to send that into a makeover competition or something … my nine yr old girl, who is very girly .. said, that is one cool room!

  6. That is VERY cool!

  7. Jack has THE coolest bedroom ever! I love what your hubby did:) Makes me want to transform my girls’ rooms!

  8. O.k. that is seriously amazing. What a great room and I love how Jack was involved in the project.

  9. Omg, this is awesome! I love it!!

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