Holiday Card Tree
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Holiday Card Tree

One of my favorite things about the calendar turning to December is that most days we have holiday cards arriving in the mail. It is fun to see the smiling faces of friends and family near and far.

I love seeing what cards and photos people chose and if they included a letter. The letters are a fun way to catch up on what everyone has doing throughout the year. With that said, my pet peeve is when people send an unsigned photo card in and envelope with a printed label — no personal touch. I sign each and every card.

Each year it seems like we get more and more cards that we proudly display. We had to upgrade our display system to accommodate the volume of cards that now arrive annually. The first displays were just ribbons hanging from a door and we would staple the cards to it as they arrived, but we quickly outgrew this system.

One year I tried to make the cards into a wreath using clothespins glued to a wreath form. Unfortunately that didn’t work that great. The cards were hard to read in this format as they required tight stacking in a circle.

Now we have a wire card tree that hangs in our kitchen. Last year it got so full that we had to place the cards on the wall around the tree as well. We didn’t want to hide any nice photo cards.

So our holiday card tree is up and the wall is clear and waiting to be filled with beautiful cards (maybe one or two from Tiny Prints). Then we can enjoy them well into the New Year.

This post has been sponsored by Tiny Prints. Please check out their line of beautiful holiday cards and if you are lucky enough to be on our card list watch your mail box for a Tiny Prints card coming your way.

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