Dear Santa
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Dear Santa

It has been years since I have written a letter to Santa, but I thought why not. In our house we believe in the magic of Santa and the joy of the holidays.

Dear Santa,

I have tried to be a good girl this year. I have worked hard to be a good mom and wife while trying to build my blog into a business. Please come visit our house this year, because my boys have been very good and deserve a happy Christmas. As for me this is what I would like this year.

  • More patience to make it through the frustrating days
  • Time to work on and finish my book this year
  • Sponsors for thewilltosee, so it can make some money next year
  • Lots of fun camping trips and family time
  • Will’s eyes to continue to progress normally
  • A new camera lens

Thank you Santa for all that you do, providing hope and happiness to the world. I will continue to do my best to be a good girl.



I am participating in Mama Kat’s Writers Workshop this week.

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  1. I could definitely use some patience! I think that is an automatic mom thing!

    Stopping by from Mama Kat’s!

  2. I like your list. I’d ask for patience as well. It has been eluding me more and more often these days and no matter how much I pay attention to my reaction, it sometimes just isn’t enough.

  3. Fun family camping trips is on my list too.

  4. Patience is definitely the gift I need most of all these days. 🙂

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