I Go Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
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I Go Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Two weeks ago, we took the boys on their first trip to Disneyland (which Will called “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse”) where we met my sister’s family and my parents. Somehow even with the months of planning, we were able to keep the trip a secret from the boys and planned a big morning of reveal. We had been warned by friends not to expect a big reaction to the reveal, but I was sure that they would be excited.

Here’s how the exchange went down:

“Instead of going to school today, what would you like to do?”
Jack: “I want to go to Griffin’s house.”
Me: “What if we go to Disneyland instead?”
Jack: “No, I would rather go to Griffin’s house.”
Me: “Will, would you like to go to Disneyland?”
Will: “What?”
Me: “Well we are going to Disneyland, so let’s get excited.”

Although we got off to an underwhelming start, the trip was fantastic. We spent three and a half days in the two parks. Tuesday after our flight and a short nap for Will at the hotel, we headed to the park for a few hours before dinner. The first ride we took the kids on was Pirates of the Caribbean. We probably could have started off with a more benign ride, but they loved it (after the big dark drop at the beginning).



The park was decorated for Christmas, with a huge tree and wreaths everywhere. The Haunted Mansion had been taken over by Jack Skellington from Nightmare before Christmas, which we rode at least four times. The castle had snow on the roof and It’s a Small World was decorated with lights all over the building.

Our planning had paid off with short lines (longest was 20 minutes until Friday) and the ability to ride our favorites multiple times even with a two month old in tow. Finley (2 mos) was able to ride a bunch of the rides, including Pirates twice. The crowds at California Adventure on Friday were larger, but we still were able to sneak in rides on our favorites back at Disneyland at the end of the night.


Jack’s favorite rides were Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (my favorite too), Pirates, Star Tours and Haunted Mansion. Will’s favorites were Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Buzz Lightyear and Matterhorn (aka “Snow Monster Mountain”).

It was such a fun four days at the happiest place on Earth, where we all became kids again.


Photo credit, Unkie Paul, who did a great job capturing our time.

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