Top 10 Moments of 2011

Top 10 Moments of 2011

These are my top ten moments of 2011. Some are broad and some are specific, but all are very memorable.

10. Margaritas and summer sun at my aunt and uncle’s lake house.

9. Getting the news that Mulligan’s liver growths were not cancer.

8. Watching the different groups of kids play well together on our camping trips, making games out of sticks and moss, while the parents enjoyed cocktails and good conversation.

7. Campfires and red wine — I really can’t get enough of both of them.

6. My trek with Allison to find a trail to The Puget Sound; it was a real bonding experience.

5. Meeting my nephew Finley.

4. (The next 3 really go together) Arriving in Hawaii and discovering our massive suite at the hotel.

3. Will scooching down the water slides and then being surprised when he falls in the water at the end.

2. Jack swimming and going down the water slides in the many Waikaloa pools.

1. Disneyland…need I say more?


I am linking up with Northwest Mommy for Monday Listicles (even though it is Tuesday).

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  1. What a year. Will you post about the treck with Alison one day? And let me know if y ever come exploring the trails on my side of the sound!

    1. I guess I will have to write that post, it is a funny story. We were over at Dosewallips State Park, near Hood Canal. That is near you isn’t it? I can’t remember quiet where you are.

  2. Wow where is that trail!? I hope 2012 is an amazing year for you!

    1. It wasn’t really a trail, we were just determined. We were at family camp at Dosewallips State Park in Washington.

  3. Ahhh, margaritas and summer sun, sounds like a fabulous idea right now. It’s getting cold here!

  4. #9… best moment of the year, I’ll bet 🙂

    Here’s to a spectacular 2012…with more margaritas and summer sun 🙂

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